Moses Moreno

Creative Director, Photographer, Stylist & Film Directory at Pray Moses

Formerly, Moses has assisted the Industry’s most influential tastemakers such as Edward Enninful, Andrea Lieberman, and Karl Templer.

Gaining a young start in the industry, he was able to contribute his own point of view to various publications such as Vogue, INTERVIEW, Vanity Fair, V magazine, and Vman. Between his upbringing as a amateur skateboarder, street wear creator and then coming into the industry unknowningly, he was able to hone in on his desire to create visuals that raise the bar for a culture that is visually oversaturated, to truly create iconinc moments for his clients: moments that will stand the test of time.

As a young create, He understands the relationship between art and commerce. That understanding translates into the modern visuals he is able to produce. They curated to each specific platform of visual media, giving any artist or brand a more interesting and relevant voice to the audience of their choice.

Moses now directs his clients in all visual capacities: photography, video, art direction, design and of course styling. Through his approach Pray Moses is able to make all visuals work cohesively with every campaign.